Saturday, October 29, 2011


Tasha: Mom, I know the secret to losing weight.

Mom: Tell me.

Tasha: Turn your head to the right. Turn your head to the left. Turn your head to the right and left quickly when people offer you food!

Mom: Cool!

Monday, October 24, 2011


Both my grandma and Franco's grandma passed away this year. They had a lot of similarities - my Tok We and Franco's Nonna.

They both were very independent, living on their own until very very late in age.

My tok we made mean pisang murtabak and Nonna made doughnuts to die for.

My tok we would always slipped in some money, no matter how little to her great grandchildren and Nonna would do the same. However, Nonna took the meaning of sustainability to a new level when she made us return the white envelope that she used to put the money in so that she can reuse the envelopes for the next handout!

Nonna is the only one whom I know who drank her wine with Sprite. Salute to you Nonna!

I pray that both of them will be rewarded with the garden of paradise for being such a great person who touched so many lives in this world. They certainly have touched mine and they will forever be missed.


The good thing about having only 7 in a class is that I could easily fit half of Tasha's classmates in my living room and that's what we did today. Tasha had Faith, Eznyeta and Balqis over for a project date although I honestly dare not vouch whether they finished the project since I heard a lot more giggling than serious discussion.

After lunch of home made lasagna, the little ladies made scones for tea: Verdict on the taste was only 5/10 but the fun level was 20/10. All in all 25/20 - so kudos to all the little ladies!

The girls' first attempt at making scones

The CICL elves at work! My kitchen was spick and span after that!

The really good looking scones! They just have to work on the dough a bit more!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Based on the ceramah by Ustaz Huseein Yee @ 10/10/2011 (Al-Khadeem):
One cannot say to have knowledge until one has learnt about it, understood it and practised it.

Monday, October 10, 2011


1) During training, if you run wearing a HRM, check the % max HRM that is MOST comfortable for you (therefore you are not panting and huffing while running). Generally it should be in the region of 75% of max HRM. During the race, you can wear HRM and keep it to the same % max HRM.

2) During training, if you are not wearing HRM, keep to the pace by feeling (or what I call rhythmic breathing). When you start huffing and puffing, slow down your pace.

3) If you train on a threadmill like I do, the pace is given to you. During the race, it is easy because you can work it out with your watch and the distance marker. If you have been running 10km in one hour, you want to be on the distance marker on the 6th minute +/- 30 seconds (and multiple thereof).

4) If you train outside on the same route, try to identify the distance (I do this by driving the route and clock it on the speedometer). Once you have done the route and have a good idea of the time it takes you, it is just time / distance calculation and use the watch and distance marker combination to set the pace during the run.

5) Some people rely on certain songs on their MP3 player. If they are running right in tempo with them, then they know they are at a certain pace.

6) Don’t get sucked by the mass race start! The only ones who are able to hold the mad start pace are the Kenyans!

Generally, you always run a race at a higher level than the training pace. Due to the combination of the adrenalin, the energy gel and isotonic drinks, you normally can push yourself by about 5 - 10% of the practice pace.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


One of the many things I missed when Tasha went to CILC was mom and daughter goofing around in between prayer times.

One of my many prayers is for Allah to make easy for both of us to perform solat so that we will be placed amongst the muslimin and muslimah who are true believers in the jannah. Amin.