Monday, November 29, 2010


via BB Messenger:

F: Last week everyone at the office here in KL bugged me about all the holidays that I take. This morning Soraya from the Jakarta office gave me a hard time. Screw them all. Let's get the Merc and go on even more holidays - life is too short!
Within seconds I responded to the message:
L: Yeay! See you at Cycle and Carriage after work today, 5 pm sharp. And yes, I will book for our trip to London in summer.
F: Wow...that was fast.
L: Life is too short! You said it yourself! Let's not waste anymore time....

Friday, November 26, 2010


2010 has been a year full of travels for business as well as for leisure.

February - South Africa (leisure: beautiful)
March - Phuket (work: fun in the sun)
March - Singapore (work: unproductive)

June - Jakarta (work: audit)

July - Manila (work: typhoon)

August - Bandung (leisure: Billabong)

September - Kota Bharu (leisure: live to eat)

October - Port Dickson (work: swim)
October - Singapore (leisure: peeling)
October - Bandung (leisure: volcanic)

November - Oman (work: bakhlava)
November - Penang (leisure: wet)

December - Singapore (leisure: I pad?)
December - Japan (leisure: expecting maximum awesomeness)


Date: 25th November 2010
Flight mates: Arnold, Michael and Frank (Franco's friends)

Franco's sms at 12.08: How are my kaki kaki doing?
Franco's sms at 13.05: Sorry, thought you were done. Just wanted to see how you played
Lini's sms at 14.20: 98
Franco's sms at 14:22: Good - I guess you beat the others, correct?
Lini's sms at 14.25: No time for losing, cause I am the champion, of the world
Franco's sms at 14.26: Quoting "Queen" - tres cool!