Thursday, March 22, 2012


Mohan and I sent a few training packs to our Program Manager in Europe, Paul Mulgrew who by the way is the sweetest guy on earth:

Paul: Are they all critical for translation in the respective European languages for Contractors' training?

Me: Yes for all of mine. The contracts must be done by a professional legal translator. The rest, you can have any Joe to do it.

Mohan: Well, the top 3 in the list is critical, but the rest is nice to have

Me: Paul, you should know by now, Mohan is all gravy and I am all meat

Mohan: I cannot be all meat, I am vegetarian

Paul: At some stage I will get indigestion with you guys


Panicking that I am not going to receive the Client approval for the Contract in a timely manner, I wrote to Mr. Client:

"The Contractors (L3) engagement in South Africa is scheduled for 2nd April. Ideally I would like to send the contracts to L3s next week so that they have one week to review. That way, the contract familiarisation session during the engagement will be more meaningful for them.

In the event that you are not able to complete the review by Monday, can I send out as “DRAFT” to them?"

Mr. Client: "yes"

Me:" great, 1 problem down, a zillion more to go"

Mr Client: "wow...not a million, not a billion but a zillion...we are an aweful lot, aren't we?"

I refrained myself from responding for fear of losing my one and only Client!