Sunday, January 18, 2009


I have been busy this weekend, talking to friends with varying level of interest in photography, reviewing comparisons between Canon and Nikon, reading relevant and irrelevant (for some reason, my football friends have used the forum to contend their issue on my time!) comments on my Facebook.
The more I read, the more confused I became. Time is running up as we are leaving for Egypt in less than a week and I still couldn’t decide the best camera that would bring out the best in me (yes....I do need every bit of help I can get in that department!)
The decision was finally made at Kluang Station in One Utama while we were waiting for our breakfast to be served. I managed to pester Sue to call Francis, who not only is a photography enthusiast but this guy breathes, lives, xxxx with cameras hanging around his neck! Definitely an authoritative figure in this subject and I would trust his decision truly and utterly.
After a series of phone calls back and forth, we came up with the final verdict... the Nikon D60 coupled with 18-200mm lens.
Thank you, Francis. I will make you proud one day.
Based on information from a very reliable source:
a) Canon and Nikon are the most available worldwide, followed by Sony and Olympus. Pentax is hard to find out of Japan.

b) Choose your brand based on the lenses as the camera body ages quickly (good for 3 - 5 years) but lenses last forever (10 – 30 years).


"Let's have dinner together," suggested Tsutty after we finished playing tennis last Saturday. Everybody concurred.
After a few exchanges of e-mail in the course of the week, we all agreed to meet at Rakuzen at 7 on a Friday night. Tsutty, our Japanese ambassador was tasked to make all the arrangements, including the selection of food and drinks we were going to have.
We all arrived almost at the same time and as soon as we were seated, the food started to come in, without us having to look at the menu. Needless to say, the food was just out of this world and definitely out of the menu. The presentation was impeccable, the taste was really a joy to our palletes and the smell....was just beyond description.
I turned to Vivien and told her happily "this is the reason why you must come to a Japanese restaurant with a Japanese who knows the chef." We all nodded gleefully.
With such great food and enjoyable company, the time passed by oh so fast....past 10, we called for the bill. Looking at the damages, Rosa, the passionate Argentinian then turned to me and snided " this is the reason why you do NOT come to a Japanese restaurant with a Japanese who knows the chef!"
So, Thanks Tsutty, for the best Japanese food I have tasted in my life and for making it so memorable in more ways than I imagine possible.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Already the year didn't start well. We all overslept - me at 8.30 am, Tasha woke up at 11.00 am and Franco somewhere in between.
The first thing Tasha did this morning was to reveal her new year resolution, that is to study more (tssk!?!) and not to lose any of her personal belongings.
Franco is resolved to play more golf with the family, something that we have not done for the last few months due to renovations, holidays, rain and the excuses could go on and on.
Et moi, I am still thinking of one but now that I have their resolutions committed on paper, I guess the obvious thing for me to do would be to bring them back to the path of righteousness when there is any deviation on their part...which you might think would be the easiest thing to do. But if you know my family, then you will understand the task that lay ahead of me!