Thursday, April 17, 2014

When I Grow Up - by Tasha

Tasha wrote this on her blog some years ago:

When I grow up I wanna be a hairstylist,
But I can't even do my own hair, How can I be one?
When I grow up I wanna be a doctor,
But I'm scared of my own blood, How can I be one?
When I grow up I wanna be a veterinarian,
But I'm scared of even tiny little hamsters, How can I be one?
I like singing and dancing
But I can't reach those high notes and I am so not flexible
So, you know what I am going to do?
I'm going to wait until I grow up to figure out what I wanna be.

5 years later, she finally may have figured out what she wanna be....
 — withNatasha Franco.

Physics Tuition

Tasha: I didn't do so well in my Physics, mom.

Me: well, since you are going to be homeschooling for the next 7 weeks, I can teach you. 

Tasha: ...but you always raise your voice when you teach me! 

Me: (in a slightly raised voice) well, maybe your teacher's too soft and that's why you didn't do well! 

Tasha: haven't even started teaching me and you already raised your voice.

Me: (in super soft voice while blinking my eyes furiously and planting a BIG smile) sweetie, I can really help you if you want me to.

Tasha: that's so fake, mom!


I am really bad with dates, so, when we decided to get married we chose an easy date to remember that fell on a Friday. 16 years ago that date was 4/4. 

This morning while making breakfast, Franco came to the kitchen and gave me a loving kiss with eyes that looked like they belonged to a missing dog who wanted to be adopted. So of course, I looked back at him with suspicion. 

Franco: we might as well just got married on any date, babe!

Ooopsss...even with such meticulous date selection process, I still forget!


Franco Rende knew I did the best I can to finish the race yesterday despite having two punctures and he also knew that although I would never blame life for treating me unfairly, I would be thinking of improving the odds for the next race. 

So, this morning, while I was busy preparing breakfast, he came to the kitchen and instead of the customary good morning, he uttered the word I have been wanting to hear. 

"Tubular, babe?"

That word was like music to my ears..........

Teary Moment

If I had to pick one photo that I would cherish forever from the race yesterday, this would have to be the one. Phuitin was my saviour when she sacrificed her only spare tube and Co2 after my second puncture. I could never repay her help except with prayers that she will one day become the IronMan that she dreams to be! 

Thanks Aileen for capturing what I treasure the most in every race - the spirit of true friendship.

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