Saturday, February 12, 2011


On the last night in Beirut, we decided to walk along the Corniche again so that the last memory of Beirut for me will be of people jogging by the sea, the kids learning to roller blade and family playing football on the pavements.

When we passed Hard Rock Cafe, we saw a few vans with UN sign. Franco immediatley made remarks about how the UN boys must have a cushy life, hanging out in Hard Rock after a hard day's work.

Tasha: what does UN stand for?

Franco: United Nation, it is a world organisation that helps with peace keeping when there is war.

Tasha after digesting the information then jested, "I am with UN and I come in pieces!"


God is like an ocean, and religions are like rivers that all flow into the same ocean.
Our origins are the same, and our destinations are the same;
It is our paths that sometimes differ.

Rumi, the Sufi poet

Friday, February 11, 2011


Venue: Dubai International Airport

Out of boredom while waiting for our connecting flight from Beirut to KL, Franco decided to do his dance, which in his mind is super cool, but in reality it is an embarrasment to us all.

While he was in trance with his dance, I asked Tasha, " do you know this guy? Are you related to him?"

Tasha replied "YOU made me related to him!"

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I allowed Tasha to have a facebook account when she was as young as 9 years old, but monitored it very closely by getting all posts come to my Blackberry. Recently, a 7 year old announced in her status that she had just received an I phone for her birthday. One of the responses to the status is as follows:

" You are 7 and you have an I phone?&@-$/(:$/& Who are you going to call? Dora?"