Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I went to this marathon with no expectation, mainly because I didn't train hard for it. I would be happy just to finish it under 5 hours but I also know that the competitive side of me would not allow me to run so casually.
So, two days before the run, I brought Tasha and Franco snorkelling and kayaking, instead of reserving my energy. It was a fun filled day and if I had to do it again, I would not do it any other way.

I was lucky in the last two marathons that I didn't get the compartment syndrom, which I normally experienced at the start of the runs. However, not wanting to take any chances, I was very cautious with my speed, trying not to exceed 10km/hour while everybody else shot right pass me in the first 100m!

Despite being cautious about the speed, the pain stabbed in that I had to stop a few times to massage and stretch the shin. The pain persisted but I ran through it, praying that it would go away and it finally did 8 km later!

I caught up with Mohan who was running his 134th marathon at km 11 who warned me of the lonely battle that lie ahead. I didn't really understand what he meant until I turned around the bend and saw miles and miles of uphill road! The only comfort I had was the fact that everything that went up would eventually have to come down, and we finally did after almost 10 km of uphill running!

The last 5 km was tough for me and it didn't help that the drink station didn't have any fruits or food to offer after 30 km mark. Running low on energy, I practically "begged" for some Gatorade from a Thai runner who had the luxury of having a full bottle on him! I thanked him and tried to speed off but my legs were just doing its own thing at its own sweet pace.

I managed to better my PB by 14 minutes, finishing the race at 4:34. And that's not all...the best news is that I came in third in my age category and won my first cash prize money in running - 2850 baht.