Thursday, December 10, 2009


Shit Club No history....

Guess which team was shouting this to their opponent?


Upon arrival in London Heathrow, we picked up our rented car at Hertz and drove to Stratford upon Avon. Franco was enchanted by the rolling hills, drivers’ good manners, the many public golf courses we passed by and talked about moving to UK for retirement.
The plan was for Franco to retire at 50. That gives us 8 more years to decide on the country of retirement. When he suggested England, my heart missed a beat. I entertained the idea since I lived there for 7 years and still feel like coming home every time I land in Heathrow.
The next day, the appeal of retiring in England was being washed away with every raindrop, at least for Franco anyway.



Normally, we would all sleep for the most part of the journey. But not this trip – not for Tasha and me anyway.

So, while Franco slept, Tasha played hangman and I resorted to the movie channel. 13 hours of flight and I managed to watch a record breaking of 5 movies in a row:

a) Julie and Julia
b) Adam
c) The Weather Girl
d) The taking of Pelham 123
e) 500 days of Summer

On the other side of the world, mom was tasked to perform Qurban on my behalf. My sister sent me an MMS of the photo with the caption “Lembu Kak” (translation: sis, your cow) just before I boarded! I figured by the time I reached London, the meat would have been distributed to the poor and I would feel a hell lot better to roam the streets of London in search of worldly bliss.
Or is that an oxymoron?


Venue: In front of Buckingham Palace, London

Date: 1st December 2009

Mom: It must be so boring to be the Queen. She cannot go out and choose her own Haagen Daaz ice cream, can’t go anywhere without the paparazzi following her, she probably doesn’t even know that you now can do eye lash extensions since she doesn’t go out to the spa to get her beauty stuff done! Hmm…I wonder what the Queen does everyday to fill her time?

Tasha: Well, if she doesn’t have to do any of those things, she will have a lot of time for Facebook! And that must be fun!