Friday, October 30, 2009


Location: Chilli's One Utama
Time: After bowling and before Ice Age 3 on last Friday

"Mom, I love Chilli's. We should come here for dinner everyday, especially, I get to eat for free." Tasha begged.
"No sweety. I know you love the food here but we should always do things in moderation," I reasoned.
"If we have to do things in moderation, why do I have to work so hard for my exam? Shouldn't that (meaning - doing things in moderation) apply to everything?" !?!?!??!?!?
I gave up....


MOM: "Girl, what does the DC in Washington DC stand for?"
TASHA: without hesitation, "dot com"....
MOM: @#$%^&^*()


Franco: Tasha, name me all the states in Malaysia.
Tasha: Start counting Papa..
1. Penang
2. Johor
3. Sabah
4. Sarawak
5. Kota Bharu (Papa: Kelantan lah girl...)
6. Tioman
7. Temerloh
8. Ampang
Franco: OK, Stop...Why do you think Tioman is another state?
Tasha: Because we have to take a plane to get there. Like Sabah and Sarawak.
Franco: Tioman is part of Pahang. How you get there is irrelevant. Mom and I had driven to Phuket, it does not make it part of Malaysia. Understand?
Tasha: Yes, dad.
Franco: Temerloh?
Tasha: Because Auntie Sue is from there?!?!?<@


Sahur time @ the dining table of our humble abode:
MOM: Tasha, are you sure you have had enough?
TASHA: Yes mom, I think I will be all right. I just have to make sure I get a lot of sleep today!
And off she went to bed after Subuh while I got ready to go for my Saturday am tennis session with the ladies. At 9.30 a.m. as soon as I got home from tennis:
MOM: Tasha, wake up. You have to go for ballet soon.
TASHA: Thanks mom, I plan to sleep till 10.00 so that I only have to be awake for fasting for 9.5 hours. You have officially prolonged my fasting time by 30 minutes!


Guys, Just in case you missed last night's news.....


Mom: What did you get for your English exam, girl?
Tasha: 70 out of 80 for comprehension and grammar.
Mom thought that was quite good considering Tasha didn't put any effort at all, but dad thought otherwise.
Papa: Tasha, that's 87.5%. I expect your English to be in the 90s. You speak English all the time - at home, at school and you speak it EXCEPTIONALLY well.
Tasha: Ya lor....