Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Franco pulled his stunt again, this time two days before the trip.
"Babe, I can't go to Surabaya this week as the deadline for the proposal I am working on has been postponed!"
My initial thought was just to pack my bag, take Tasha with me and just go anyway. I so badly needed the holiday, especially after the gruelling week last week with the Client. But we were going to play golf there and it would not be fun for me to play on my own.
So, here I my office writing my blog when I am supposed to be teeing off in Finna. Life sucks!


Tasha finally agreed to the idea of having short hair (well, not as short as mom's but it would be short enough so that we do not have to tie her hair for school).
On the way to A CUT ABOVE in Bangsar this weekend, Tasha dropped the bomb and told me that she wanted to do rebonding for her hair!
I turned to her and said "At your age, Natasha, the only bonding you will ever experience will be bonding with your mom and dad!"
She was not happy with my reply and I could hear her mutter "I thought you are a cool mom!" but I just let that comment slide.


It's Tasha's birthday week and guess what she asked for....WII Game! I was quite adamant about not having this game in our household, preferring Tasha to indulge in actual outdoor activities rather than virtual ones.
Unfortunately I was not strong enough to keep to my stand. Listening to her plea and reasons, I gave way and as of 24th May 2009, Tasha is a proud owner of a WII game.
Franco spent Sunday "boxing" with Tasha and yesterday I rushed home from work just so that I can play tennis with Tasha virtually. Never would I thought that it would dictate my office hours! This game has indeed brought a new dimension into our lives.....