Monday, July 13, 2009


I love this campaign and apply the phrase in almost every aspect of my life.
My colleagues don't even bother asking me for a favour when they know what the answer would be. My Aussies boss cringes when he hears this phrase which also means the end of the discussion for him. My wonderful PA gets a head shake and she knows it carries the same weightage as the phrase.
"TAK NAK" - so short and so not negotiable!


Hole No. 2, Par 3, Alam Shah, KGSAAS

Date: 12th July 2009

Tasha made history yesterday when she managed to boogey a 125m Par 3.
The score for this hole:

Lini - Par (3)

Tasha - Boogey (4)

Franco - Double Boogey (5)

Has Papa once again emerged as an underdog, and this time not just against mom but also against his 9 year old daughter?

Double Ouch!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


10 years ago, when watching Harry Met Sally, the crowd burst into laughter when Sally placed her order. I was amongst the crowd and I was one of those who thought, how can a person be so fussy. That behaviour is just so intolerable, customer right or not. That was then.
Today at Marmalade, the conversation went:
"Good afternoon mam," the waitress greeted me sweetly.
"Good afternoon," I replied. "Stay and take my order, I am ready now."
Although I have not opened the menu I know the salad menu by heart.
"Sound of Havana salad with dressing on the side, banana boat shake with no honey and low fat yoghurt. And, oh...can you please serve the shake in a take away cup?" I whispered, while looking around me to make sure nobody had heard my tall order.