Sunday, January 5, 2020


It has been a long time since I last wrote anything of significance. (Facebook update does not count!) Not even sure whether I should pick up where I left off, or start anew. The former will probably pose a bigger challenge as with ageing, my memory these days only extend as far back as what I ate this morning for breakfast. Despite that, I am going to attempt to share a few things that stood out in 2019 with the hope that there are lessons that can be learnt for my onward life journey.              


It was good for my overall growth. I travelled to 12 different countries over 12 months that have brought me to some of the most beautiful places that I can only thank God for its creation.  Through it all though, what stuck with me the most was not the places that I visited or the history of the country, but the people I met along the way. They are the ones who made the biggest impression, who carved deeply into my hippocampus and who made me smile when I think about a particular place. The thought never fails to give me such a warm fuzzy feeling and with so many other countries I have not explored, I hope 2020 will be a Happy New Faces. 

Apart from making a decision to travel more, I also shifted my daily focus from triathlon, triathlon and triathlon to a more wholesome experience by resuming my classes at Al Khadeem, playing golf again and reacquainted with old friends. I forgot how great all those things make me feel and it certainly made me realise that I am in a far better place now than on the occasional podiums. 

Taking the cue from what has been an amazing year, I am celebrating 2020 with open arms for what life has to offer and continue to search for my ikigai...